Policies and Expectations.

Policies & Expectations

 Welcome to the Centauri Arts Academy! This is a creative space in which young people can discover more about themselves as artists, learning alongside top notch arts teachers. It's not school, so we're fairly relaxed; however, we do have a few basic expectations to ensure that all participants receive the maximum benefit from the workshop they are taking.  

1. The Arts Academy is an inclusive space. Everyone is to be treated with respect.  

2. Attendance – IMPORTANT!! We ask that participants try hard to make it to every class, as some projects (such as films and scene studies) continue over several weeks, and an absence is detrimental not just to the individual concerned, but the whole group. If you absolutely have to miss a class, notify us as soon as possible. You should do this by calling the office at 416 766 7124. For classes involving group work – such as Film – your absence will affect others, and you should always give at least 3 days notice if you can't attend (except, of course, if you are ill).  

3. Punctuality The Academy studio opens 15 minutes before each workshop begins. There will be cookies and tea/juice available during this time, and social time for participants and the instructors. Please aim to arrive 5-15 minutes before the start of the workshop, to make the most of this! Snacks and juice/tea will be put away at the time the workshop begins. Classes which involve collaboration and group work cannot get underway until everyone arrives; enthusiasm wanes and is replaced by frustration when people do not arrive on time! If you are going to be late, call the office at 416 766 7124 and the instructor will be notified.  

4. Signing in and out. Participants are asked to sign in on arrival; this is our record of who attends each week. The 'Sign in Book' will also record, for each participant, whether they have the necessary guardian permission to leave unaccompanied at the end of the workshop. As we have no waiting area for families, this is preferred; if you are meeting your child at the end of their class, we suggest doing so in the cafe across the road. In most cases, therefore, participants will sign themselves out at the end of the workshop. Parents wishing to meet their son/daughter at the Arts Academy space should arrive at the time their course ends. Try not to arrive early as it can be daunting for participants to find themselves being watched!  

5. Nuts and Peanuts The Academy is a nut and peanut free facility.  

6. Expectations outside workshop time In the case of theatre/acting classes, or participants in film programs who choose to take on-camera roles, it is a reasonable and important expectation, on occasion, that lines be learned between one workshop and the next. Other expectations between classes will be minimal, but equally important: for example, participants in a writing class may be asked to edit and submit a piece of work for critiquing by a specific deadline, or for submission to a magazine. Occasionally, optional writing exercises will be set, or a film instructor may ask for a volunteer to write a short screenplay. Participants are asked to be forthright with their instructors; school work has to come first, and if you are too busy to work on anything outside workshop time, that's fine... just don't commit to anything unless you can follow through!  

 7. Please eat before your class begins! It's hard for people to focus when they are hungry, and the cookies in our kitchen are intended as a shared snack, not a meal replacement! There are fabulous places to grab healthy food at a decent price, right next to our Academy. There are two falafel places in Bloor West as well as a Mexican take-out, pizza windows, Japanese and Ukrainian cafes and coffee shops selling sandwiches.  

 8. Course dates, instructor illness, weather etc. There is a noticeboard in the Academy Studio which will offer reminders of class schedules and holidays; this is also available on our website at . If an instructor is ill, or class must be cancelled for any reason (such as weather) we will endeavor to notify everyone. Where possible, class times will be lengthened in subsequent weeks to make up the course time missed.  

9. Cell phones and other devices Please leave your cell phone in your bag, set to silent, for the duration of your course, unless the instructor requests otherwise. Laptops are not necessary for any course, but writers who prefer to write on a laptop rather than in a notebook are welcome to do so.  

That's it! Please contact us if you have any questions... we look forward to a fantastic and inspiring semester at the Centauri Arts Academy!