Writing CLasses for Kids and Teens in Toronto

Creative Writing Classes

Creative Writing classes and salons for children and teens aged 10 to 18


Semester 1  runs from late September to late January.

Semester 2 runs from early February to late May.
All courses involve a minimum 14 classes.

A Creative Writing Salon
(ages 12-18)
Mondays 6pm to 7.45pm 

Writers are encouraged to join us for the full course, but it is also possible to sign up for just the first or second semesters.

Designed for young writers with an interest in any genre and style, this informal salon provides creative stimuli and the encouragement of other writers, to keep you writing all year long. Classes consist of readings, lively discussions, and a range of writing exercises – some to awaken your creative spirit, others to explore technique and many just for fun! We'll tackle completely new challenges this year, so if you have joined us in previous semesters, you won't repeat a thing. In fact, the focus this year will be on discovering truths about writing by looking at the work of others. We'll explore the style of well known and experimental novellists, short story writers, science fiction writers, poets, graphic fiction writers and playwrights, asking ourselves how they do what they do, then trying out their techniques for ourselves. Participants have the opportunity to submit work to the Centauri Writer's Magazine, and second semester writers are also invited to participate in a public reading.Writers are encouraged to share their work with one another, but there is no pressure to do so: if you want to come along simply to write that's fine, too! 

Creative Writing Salon for Teens in Toronto

A Creative Writing Salon:
Words in the Wild (ages 10-15)    
Saturdays 10.30am to 12.15pm   

Discover words in their natural habitat - not bound to rules and restrictions, but free to fly! In this exciting new writing program, we will explore the roots of inspiration, take new writing challenges weekly, and discover the wild freedom of words. We’ll create nonsense poetry, try out surreal writing and the absurd, transform the writing studio with snake-stories, solve mysteries as we learn to shape plots, experiment with our senses, write from props and music, and even set our words free in the wilds of High Park as we walk the labyrinth as writers, leaving our word-creations to puzzle and inspire others. Expect the unexpected each time you step enter the Arts Academy. Learn to be a better writer and discover your own unique voice as you celebrate the explosive wildness of words! 

Creative Writing Classes for Kids ages 10-14 in Toronto

In celebration of our 5th year of classes, creative writers registered for the 2017-18 year will work on an anthology of their writing pieces, which will be peer edited and designed by our writers, professional printed, and unveiled at a Book Launch in early June.